Brain exhibition rejects left/right brain myth

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October 12, 2017 by dontbringlulubook

An exhibition about the brain in Quebec City has debunked the myth that some people are left-brainers and more creative and some people are right-brainers and more logical.

The presentation at the Museum of Civilisation has examined many different facets of brain study including depression, how the brain is thought to work and examples of so-called cures for madness and mental disturbance.

But the idea of a specific left/right personality is thrown out and the curators argue that our brains use both the left side and the right side all the time.

Another rejected idea was that we only use ten percent of our brain.

There was also an example of the electroencephalogram – which was used to test Lulu Onions’ for brain damage at the Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York in 1969.encephalogram

pic of encephalogram



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