Journalists’ base took a hit on Anguilla in hurricane

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September 12, 2017 by dontbringlulubook

Holiday resident Rita Dispensa has confirmed that Lloyds – where the BBC team stayed in the 1969 invasion – lost its roof on the main part of the accomodation.

The Lloyd family’s more recent hotel  – Da Vida’s on Crocus Bay escaped any serious damage though a wooden bandstand was destroyed.

The team there hope to get it replaced in 3 weeks and Ms Dispensa says ‘doers and shakers’ are working hard to try and repair the structures on Anguilla blasted by winds of up to 200 mph.

One of the other casualties of the category five Hurricance was Ebenezer’s Church which was blown away after standing for two hundred years.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has visited the British protectorate after Hurricane Irma reduced it to rubble.

50 years ago the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was worried about an invasion by American gangsters and Anguilla appealed to stay within the British government’s jurisdiction.

Then the Labour PM sent British bobbies to patrol the beautiful beaches. Now a naval ship, helicopters and engineers have been sent to help the islanders.ANGUILLA

Co-incidentally, Boris Johnson’s father-in-law BBC reporter Charles Wheeler covered the invasion of Anguilla in 1969 with co-Lulu author Ron Onions.

The overseas territory has attracted upmarket visitors in recent years because of its isolation. But its rocky soil meant sugar production was never an option and museum curator Colville Petty told a story of extreme poverty at the start of the 20th century.

The island’s government representative Blondel Cuff says the islanders are clearly on the UK radar.

She says Boris Johnson’s visit brought with it an extra nine tonnes of supplies and the return of naval cruiser Mount’s Bay with fresh supplies.

The RAF is doing more essential repairs as well as the 32 million pounds in aid originally promised by Theresa May.

Blondel Cuff says she hopes that Anguilla’s woefully inadequate infrastructure is finally addressed.




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