Anguilla reduced to rubble says BBC

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September 7, 2017 by dontbringlulubook

The British protectorate took the brunt of Hurricane Irma.

It’s been confirmed that a British naval ship is sailing to the region to deliver help and supplies.

The BBC has confirmed that one person has died in Anguilla.

Anguilla had a revolution in 1967 but was determined to stay within British rule.

Lulu co-authors Ron and Doris Onions visited the Caribbean island in 1968 to cover the invasion of the island by American gangsters.

BBC Washington correspondent Charles Wheeler and BBC TV presenter David Dimbleby also covered the story.

The island which has a population of 15,000 had suffered hurricane damage in the past as Ron Onions noted in ‘Don’t Bring Lulu: Her Family’s Tale of Trial and Triumph’,

‘The island’s telephone system had been blown down in a hurricane several years earlier and it had not been replaced.’

Co-author Sarah Onions visited the island in 2015 to stay in Lloyds’ guesthouse which had been the centre of the journalists’ work.

Rita Dispensa, Christine Lloyd, S.O.

left to right: resident Rita Dispensa, Christine Lloyd, Sarah Onions on Anguilla in 2015 

One of the residents American Rita Dispensa told Sarah that she had ‘sat out’ a hurricane on Anguilla before however Hurricane Irma broke records with the strength of the wind.

These days the island is popular with up-market holidaymakers including Americans who take advantage of the three-hour flight.


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