‘Lulu’ co-author ahead of the BBC on thyroid drug on NHS hitlist

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April 11, 2017 by dontbringlulubook

thyroid pic 2

The BBC has just reported on the withdrawal of T 3 – otherwise known as levothyroxine with thyroid sufferers being taken off the drug to  save money.

The consumer radio programme You and Yours  featured an item on the dropping of the medication.

The programme reported that under the British National Health Service the drug is costing 250 pounds for 28 tablets despite a much lower cost in the rest of Europe where it’s sold for 4 euros for the same amount.

You and Yours quoted Dr Amanda Doyle who’s in charge of clinical commissioning with the NHS.

Co-Lulu author Sarah Onions had reported on the move last week referring to a Stop The Thyroid Madness blogger Janie Bowthorpe, quoting a thyroid sufferer.

Sarah’s sister Louise was born without a thyroid gland and took thyroxine all her life – the full story can be found in ‘Don’t Bring Lulu; Her Family’s Tale of Trial and Triumph’ by Ron, Sarah and Doris Onions which is now available as an audio book at audible.co.uk


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