Thyroid treatment on National Health Service hitlist

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April 4, 2017 by dontbringlulubook

Users of T3 – a form of thyroid treatment has been included on a list of medicines to be cut to save money for the British health service.

Managers of the NHS had announced that it would no longer fund low-level medical preparations like suncream and gluten-free foods.

Most of these products can be bought in high street shops without a prescription from a doctor – unlike T3 which is also known as Liothyronine.

But a blogger Janie Bowthorpe writing Janie’s blog under the title Stop The Thyroind Madness has hit out at the move by the NHS.


Now Janie is calling on NHS managers to think again,

‘A health care system which is held up as a model for the rest of the world is going backwards. We aren’t all able to change doctors and a private prescription would be prohibitively expensive for most people, even if the doctors working in the private sector would be prepared to step outside the cruel guidelines still in place for treatment of hypothyroidism in the UK.’

Louise Onions took thyroxine for all of her life as she was born without a thyroid gland. As a child she was prescribed sheep’s thyroxine but from the 1960s it was created artificially.

It was clear from early in her life that the lack of a thyroid gland was problematic as her mother Doris Onions wrote in Don’t Bring Lulu;Her Family’s Tale of Trial and Triumph,

‘Every three months we took her to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children in central London, but we heard little to comfort us from the various specialists we met. Thyroid deficiency, if untreated, results in cretinism. We were a long way from that. Lulu was alert and hyperactive. She was tall and strong, with excellent teeth, all of them arriving on time. However, we worried about the future’.

The story of Lulu’s life,written by Ron,Doris and Sarah Onions is now available on Kindle – through Amazon (and is free to subscribers of Kindle unlimited).And now, as an audiobook from or

And UK thyroid patients are being urge to share the blog post on this protest anywhere, everywhere :






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