Funeral service for UK journalist who trained commercial radio staff


October 25, 2016 by dontbringlulubook


Seventy members of Keith Belcher’s family, friends and former colleagues attended the service in Eastbourne.


Belcher was present at the launch of LBC in 1973 and was a dominating figure in the radio station’s life, returning as promotions manager for London Radio with Reuters in 1994.


He worked closely with ‘Lulu’ co-author Ron Onions at LBC and later, they travelled to Sweden with Ron’s wife Doris to train broadcasters in Sweden.
Belcher’s career had started in newspapers on the Welwyn Times and then the Slough Observer after attending St Albans County Grammar School.He was the first one in his family to pass the 11 plus exam.Keith lost an eye when he was 4 years old.His brother Jerry who attended the wake at the Royal Castle pub in Pevensey said Keith had been playing on a bomb site. One of his playmates, a boy called  Sidney Barratt had a bow and arrow and an accident followed.Jerry Belcher said the family waited for an apology to come from the Barratt family but none appeared.However, Keith did not let this accident stop him and like other colourful characters in Fleet Street made use of his affliction to tease others when he would remove his glass eye and present it in unusual situations for the unwary.Later in his broadcasting career, he worked for Southern FM, Liberty Radio and Spectrum Radio (shown here.)


He was a war baby, born on the 6th July in 1940.  He leaves three children. One of them Dayle lives in New Zealand. She wrote the eulogies and spoke to the wake via Skype. Keith’s other two children Kay and Christian were present at the service (Christian shown here at the wake with ‘Lulu’ co-author Sarah Onions).


He survived two car crashes while driving to work in London.

After retirement, Keith spent time fishing in East Sussex and writing under the name of Pevensey scribe. A fishing rod was propped up against his coffin in the chapel.



Also in attendance at the service was the former head of engineering at LBC Roger Francis and former LBC producer Paul Easton.

Cuttings and pix were displayed at the wake in Pevensey illustrating Keith Belcher’s significant career.

The journalist who had inspired so many suffered ill health at the end of his life.



Pix supplied by Dayle Belcher or Sarah Onions.







2 thoughts on “Funeral service for UK journalist who trained commercial radio staff

  1. Kay Hyland says:

    This is nice
    I’m just having a bad day missing my Dad , tears rolling. I googled his name and this came up. Dads ashes are by my TV , I can’t part with him yet.
    Dad was and will always be my hero. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss him.
    Thank you for your lovely words,


    • So pleased, Kay. He was an extremely important figure in ILR. I have the picture of the arch near Pevensey castle under snow, in my study. One picture annoyingly doesn’t work – will sort it when I get my ( and still, that of Mum and Dad) sorted. xx


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