LBC Radio’s jump in listening figures recalls JICRAR in ’77.

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August 13, 2016 by dontbringlulubook

LBC  bosses have been celebrating the release of the August figures from research into the audience.

The stats show that LBC is the number one commercial station in London in share of the audience – with more than 6 percent. Global radio is second and third place in share too with Capital (4.6%) and Heart (3.9%).

Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show on LBC has attracted more listeners – to just under a million.

It’s not the first time London’s only news radio station has seen a boost in listeners.

In 1977, the Evening News reported that, for the first time, the AM show was attracting more listeners in London than Radio Four’s flagship Today programme.


The AM show, presented by Douglas Cameron and Bob Holness had found a winning formula – they also made it onto a shortlist for the Best Radio Presenter in a set of awards around the same time.

AM had been marketed with a range of techniques including car bumper stickers, ‘I am an AM Lover’ and specially decorated milk bottles.


LBC milk bott attempt2

In fact LBC’s figures across the week had been rising for more than a year – noted by the Marketing Director Angus Shearer in a flyer released to the industry.

2 mill listeners for LBC 77


Today the audience research process is knows as RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) – then it was JICRAR.

Pictures courtesy of the Onions’ family.








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