Lulu co-author worked alongside Radio Times poll presenter.

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July 28, 2016 by dontbringlulubook

Lulu co-author Sarah Onions worked alongside Anne-Marie Minhall who is in the top ten of favourite radio presenters.


The results of the poll is featured in this week’s edition.

Anne-Marie who has a show on Classic FM started her career at Radio Trent in Nottingham where Sarah met her.

Ms Minhall had a good reputation for being to both present a live programme and play out two sets of ads to two different radio stations on split frequencies – the second station being Leicester Sound.

The presenter is also a cricket fan and was sports editor at Classic FM in the late ’90’s.

She came 10th in the top ten poll of regular listeners.

Steve Allen

LBC Radio’s Steve Allen also achieved 10th place for male radio voices – Sarah also worked briefly alongside him in a Restricted Service Licence station for the Hampton Court Flower Show.

32,000 votes were counted in the poll and online listeners were also surveyed with slightly different results.




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