Former Twickenham MP speaks of his mother’s serious post-natal depression.

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July 1, 2016 by dontbringlulubook

Sir Vince Cable – interviewed by essentialsurrey has  described the effect of his mother’s serious depression after the birth of his younger brother.

Sir Vince who was the Business Secretary for the coalition government until 2015 is still writing, being interviewed, ballroom dancing and – has become a patron of a mental health called Together as One.

Co-Lulu author Doris Onions experienced serious post-natal depression after the birth of her first child Sarah.


In 1958 there was less awareness of the issue though Doris did write in desperation to Sheila Kitzinger, the birth expert asking for her to visit. The birth guru replied but was not able to travel to Saltdean.

Doris was prescribed 12 aspirin a day by the local doctor in East Sussex – the family had moved there for Ron’s job as a sub-editor on Brighton’s Evening Argus.

The death of her mother and the solitude of what was essentially a retirement community did not help.

The dramatic events of this stage in the Onions’ life can be read in ‘Don’t Bring Lulu; Her Family’s Tale of Trial and Triumph’ by Ron, Doris and Sarah Onions.

Picture copyright of the Onions family.




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