The home of ‘Lulu’ co-author has been used as a recording studio in preparation for Euro ’16.

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March 31, 2016 by dontbringlulubook

The grandson of Lulu author Ron Onions organised a studio recording in the family home. 24 year old Joe Terry supervised the recording on the topic of match-fixing. Just this week Joe translated the story of the Russian footballer Alexander Panov which was posted on FIFA’s webpage.

The broadcast was being prepared for Clark Football Languages or CFL which will work out of Paris this summer to translate and interpret the high point of European football.




The use of ‘home as studio’ brought back memories of Lulu co-author Ron Onions who worked as news organiser for the BBC based in Manhattan. A report was made about Ron’s job and how London would ring him up early in the morning with a story for him to cover – this picture shows a cheerful recipient of a long-distance phone call at 1 am in a bedroom lit by a studio light.


All pix courtesy of the Onions’ estate.



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