Broadcaster Alastair Cook first broadcast from New York 70 years ago today

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March 24, 2016 by dontbringlulubook

A Cook at BBC mike

One of the jobs of Lulu co-author Ron Onions was to produce Alastair Cook’s radio tapes in the BBC office in Rockefeller Centre on Fifth Avenue.

Cook delivered his first broadcast in 1946 when travellers to Manhattan still journeyed on ocean liners like the Queen Mary. Cooke spoke about the noise of the ship’s horns.Anyone who has been in earshot one of these magnificent vessels never forget it.


When Lulu’s family arrived in New York, this time on the Bremen boat after a rough winter crossing, there was the type of welcome Alastair Cook had broadcast about 21 years before.

From the story of ‘Don’t Bring Lulu, Her Family’s Tale of Trial and Triumph’,

‘Then came the climactic moment of our journey when every vessel in port sounded off  with a symphony of  sirens and hooters by way of greeting to the Bremen. She trumped the lot by sounding off with her own Big Bertha. Lulu was in her element. She had always reacted enthusiastically to anything noisy, notably vacuum cleaners, motorbikes, barking dogs and honking traffic, and she cheered and waved with the rest of   us.

Meanwhile, the press photographers had boarded and were bowled over by Sarah’s trendy trouser suit which she was now wearing against the cold.

WP_20151011_17_11_29_ProCredits for pix: Google, The Times and courtesy of the Onions’ family.


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