‘Lulu’ author meets famous British children’s writer Jacqueline Wilson

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January 9, 2016 by dontbringlulubook

Co-author of ‘Don’t Bring Lulu; Her Family’s Tale of Trial and Triumph’ bumped into the author of the children’s book ‘Tracey Beaker’ on New Year’s Day.

Sarah Onions was walking a close friend’s dog Rosie when the Kingston-based author engaged Sarah in conversation.

Ms Wilson who also wrote  Dustbin Baby  chatted to Sarah about rescue dogs and wanted to know why Rosie was wearing a plastic collar.

The 70  year old is a dog lover  imagesand was keen to hear how Rosie was found in a Welsh charity for abandoned animals.

Jacqueline Wilson started her career writing for ‘Jackie’ magazine which was a very popular publication for young female readers in the 1970’s and was published by the controversial outfit D.C. Thomson.

The Story of Tracey Beaker and the Illustrated Mum were both adapted for British TV.FB_20160107_12_33_03_Saved_Picture


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