Letter to New York .

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November 8, 2015 by dontbringlulubook

One of the key figures in the story of the Onions’ arrival in New York was Audrey Wigan, the wife of the BBC’s correspondent for the United Nations, Tony Wigan.

Audrey had to wait in the Arrivals Hall while U.S. Customs and Immigration delayed the Onions’ entry into America because of concerns about Louise.

Tony, a highly experienced journalist had probably helped to make sure that the whole family was admitted though when asked, he smiled as if to say ‘least said,soonest mended’.


Once the family settled in, Ron and Doris Onions became close friends with the Wigans who had a smart apartment on East 57th street just 4 blocks up from the BBC apartment on 53rd street.

The two couples often socialised at drinks parties in Manhattan.


When Tony Wigan’s stint as UN correspondent was over, the couple retired to Devon. Audrey wrote to Doris – on November the 8th 1970, trying to reassure Louise’s mother.

Doris was feeling guilty about Louise living away from home (in a school in upstate New York, with a connection to the Kennedy family) .

Audrey wrote, ‘So stop feeling guilty about her, be thankful that your marriage and home life, bar her, are intact – and I write this to both of you- you owe it to each other and to Sarah to make the most and the best of what you have and to call on all the patience and tolerance you can muster to compensate to each for what you are missing in not having Louise at home as a normal happy child…. you must have learnt that Louise is not normal and never will be…’


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