Macy’s asked for one of the reports by ‘Lulu’ author

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October 9, 2015 by dontbringlulubook

Doris Boat Trip Manhatten Easter 1968

Doris Onions, co-author of ‘Don’t Bring Lulu’ reported for Radio Brighton while the family were posted to America by the BBC for Ron’s job.

She wrote scripts about different topics which appealed to her or – which were suggested by a producer at the Sussex station, Hylda Bamber. Doris picked up some listeners to her occasional broadcasts (which were sent from the BBC suite in Rockefeller Centre) including the famous store Macy’s itself, after Doris recorded a piece there. Curiously, Macy’s in London called the producer at the radio station in Marlborough Place in Brighton after transmission.

‘How they knew about it, I don’t know’, wrote Hylda Bamber. Hylda Bamber

The producer concluded her letter to Doris (on headed paper flagging up the catchphrase Serving the Sussex Coast from Peacehaven to Shoreham 88.1 MHz VHF) WP_20151008_11_29_31_Pro

with the suggestion that the next report might feature an feminine angle on the elections. She signed off with a lugubrious comment on the weather ‘pouring down [with] frequent flooding in Sussex’.


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