TV Star Anne Diamond and ‘Lulu’ co-author met at a beauty contest

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June 9, 2015 by dontbringlulubook


TV star Anne Diamond was the compere for the ‘Britain’s First-Ever First Lady’ and ‘Don’t Bring Lulu’ co-author Doris Onions was one of the contestants.

Thirty years ago Anne Diamond was at the peak of her television career and a youthful-looking Doris Onions was 56.

A journalist from the Observer Sunday newspaper wrote up the contest in a scathing manner. But Doris was referred to in the second paragraph of the write-up as a ‘jogging, cooking, speech and drama teacher from Surbiton’.

The Observer journalist Jane Lott wrote that she did not mind Doris or another contestant winning a trip to New York on the QE2 liner (in fact Doris had returned with husband Ron and daughter Sarah on the QE2 and the end of his posting as the first organiser for the BBC in Manhattan).

However, Ms Lott objected to the ‘absurd’ title of the contest from a publicity-seeking enterprise.

Another broadcaster –  Sue MacGregor of BBC Woman’s Hour also took part so it couldn’t have been a complete puff, as they say in journalism.


Observer 27th January 1985

Doris won a set of studio photographs of herself which are to be reproduced here, courtesy of the Onions’ family. And happy birthday to Anne Diamond who is 61 this month.


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