Jazz singer Mel Torme ‘ The Velvet Fog’ died this week in 1999.

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June 9, 2015 by dontbringlulubook

Maybe the best way to describe Torme is that he was a singer’s singer. His manager Carlos Gastel in 1947 once told him ‘You will never be the mass star you want to be, Torment” – his peculiar mode of addressing his client – but there is a vast majority of people out there who will always support your work’.
When the singer was eight he won the children’s division of a radio context in Chicago. For the next seven years, he was one of the busiest child actors in Chicago.
In a singing career that lasted for more than 65 years, Torme mastered a repertoire of around five thousand songs and starred with Frank Sinatra in a film ‘called Higher and Higher’. Sinatra and Torment
He wrote a hit for Nat King Cole in 1946 called ‘The Christmas Song’.
He lost his way in the 60’s and performed less and less and worked for much of the time as a TV producer. He had earlier been the host of the first daytime talk show.
However ‘Coming Home’ in 1962 was a surprise hit.
In the mid-70’s he returned to the cabaret and concert circuit and built up a firm following.
In the 1980s and early 1990s he teamed up with his friend George Shearing, the blind British jazz pianist : the 1982 album An Evening with George Shearing and Mel Tormé won him a Grammy for best vocalist.

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