When Radio’s Mr Angry won a Variety Club award.

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January 31, 2015 by dontbringlulubook

Thirty five years ago this week LBC Radio’s combative phone-in host Brian Hayes Brian Hayeswas selected as Independent Radio Personality of the Year by the Variety Club. Brian received the trophy at a traditional lunch at the Savoy Hotel in London on February the 5th 1980.Variety Club or Local Radio Assoc awards 79 or 80 pic 2

It was the end of a good year for LBC – in ’79, Bob Holness and Douglas Cameron

Presenters of the AM show on LBC

Bob Holness and Doug Cameron

who were presenters of the AM programme had won the award. They also won the Local Radio award for Best Current Affairs Programming in May ’79 and received that commendation at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.Variety Club or Local Radio Assoc awards 79 or 80

The editorial director of LBC Ron Onions (who thought up the phrase, ‘I am an AM lover’ to promote the breakfast show) was voted Local Radio Awards Personality of the Year).

Ron Onions with Sports Reporter Colin Turner and unidentified woman Ron Onions,editorial director of LBC and IRN (centre) and Colin Turner, sports journalist and unidentified woman (author’s own pic).

Another award was given to LBC’S live coverage of the ending of the Iranian Embassy siege in the spring of 1980 – a citation in the annual Local Radio Association awards. The reporters were Malcolm Brabant and Peter Deeley.

Peter DeeleyThe rise in listening figures to the London-based commercial radio news station could be spotted in 1977 when Ron Onions was able to issue a memo to all staff noting that the number of people listening had reached 2, 136,000.

Ron referred in his memo to a specific radio industry term for the cumulative audience. It was the number of different people who listen to a station for at least five minutes during any time period.He also touched on two problem areas of LBC’s listening figures for part of weekday afternoons and part of Saturday afternoons but it remains for more knowledgeable journalists than me to unpick that one.

You can see more about radio research language at:


Picture of Brian Hayes courtesy of: The Radio Academy.

Pictures of Peter Deeley courtesy of:


Onions’ family pix scanned by Jerry Wright.


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