Pregnancy test drug discussed on Woman’s Hour


October 31, 2014 by dontbringlulubook

The BBC Woman’s Hour radio programme ran a discussion of the pregnancy test drug Primodos – coincidentally featuring a mother who’s daughter was called Louise.

This Louise had a range of defects from birth. Knowledge of the drug and its effects has been suppressed.

It’s a similar story to that of Louise Onions who’s mother Doris took a drug for pre-menstrual tension in 1961 or 62. When Doris (who died this summer) returned to the GP near Hedgend in Hampshire, knowledge of the prescription was denied.

More on the Woman’s Hour discussion

But if you have experience of researching for medical records for individuals, please contact me -Sarah Onions – through the comments page on this blog.

I would like to try and find out which drug my mother was given for pre-menstrual tension in 1961, 1962 or even 1960.

Here are pictures of my sister in the NHS residential home Laughton Lodge, East Sussex. She is shown on a Christmas visit with her father Ron Onions (who at the time of her birth was working for BBC South Today at the beginning of his TV career). The second photo shows my son Joe Terry (who is now 23) on the beach with Lulu at Pevensey in East Sussex.

And you can read more on Louise and her family’s story in the book ‘Don’t Bring Lulu – a Family Tale of Trial and Triumph’ by Ron, Doris and Sarah Onions.


One thought on “Pregnancy test drug discussed on Woman’s Hour

  1. Wendy Dalton says:

    I took a drug in 1967 to see if I was pregnant given by my doctor . I had a son of 7 months at that time he gave me the drugs. After I had taken it I never felt well and then at 4 months pregnant I flooded excessively and was put on bed rest at home. I was in bed 2 weeks and allowed to get up but after several days it happened again . Finally at 6 months pregnant I lost a solid round mass about the size of a golf ball. I went on then to full term and at the birth of my second son I heamoraged before and after the birth nearly losing my life. My son as no physical defects as the other babies had but his birth was very bad his colour was black when born so bad my husband thought it was the wrong baby . If anybody else suffered this I would be glad to hear from them . I am going to ask my doctor if I can look at my notes at that time .
    My email address is
    Thank you

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