Remembering Jocelyn Stevens – colourful journalist

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October 23, 2014 by dontbringlulubook

A tribute was paid to Stevens in Wednesday’s Evening Standard after he died at the age of 82 last week.

Stevens was believed to be the angry editor who once  threw a typewriter out of a window.

The obit written by his former colleague Dennis Griffiths featured a shot of the Standard’s splash in 1969 for the American moon landing.


In fact the front cover contained a mock up of the lunar landing which had not actually happened when the paper was composed. Stevens, the managing editor of the paper was determined to try and get ahead of the story and took a risk that the event would go to plan.

More can be read about British media coverage of the moon landing in ‘Don’t Bring Lulu – a family tale of Trial and Triumph’. One of the co-authors of the book Ron Onions covered the moonshot from Cape Kennedy and Mission Control in Houston. He had an experienced team including Washington Corr Charles Wheeler and Reginald Turnhill, the BBC’s Aviation Correspondent.Image0009

Turnhill later scooped with his coverage of Apollo 13 when he was one of the few reporters still watching the missions to the moon – by then the U.S. TV networks had lost interest.

Reg Turnill Apoll 13


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