The hit series ‘Mad Men’ looked back this week to the death of Martin Luther King

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May 3, 2013 by dontbringlulubook


The ‘Mad Men series – series six – showed in dramatic form how the assassination of the civil rights leader in Memphis caused shockwaves all over the world.
The event was initially covered by Ron Onions from the family’s apartment in April 1968.
He was following his normal habit of keeping an eye on the Huntley and Brinkley evening news on the NBC channel while the family ate their dinner.
A sketch of MLK flashed onto the screen with the news – Ron got straight on to the BBC in London using the phone in the apartment and then went to the BBC office in Rockerfeller Centre on Fifth Avenue. As the first news organiser for the BBC in New York, he supervised the incoming news footage and sent a report over the satellite to TV Centre in London.
The drama series Mad Men showed how the assassination led to widespread grief and rioting and how some offices in New York shut for the day as a mark of respect. One of the characters in Mad Men, Henry Francis referred to his boss, the mayor of New York John Lindsay who tried to present a calm image in a walkabout in Harlem.


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