Forty years of LBC Radio


April 9, 2013 by dontbringlulubook

LBC 40th Anniversary

Londoners have been listening to LBC under its various names for forty years this year.

It went on the air on October the 8th in 1973 just a week before Capital Radio.

At that stage Ron Onions was working as Head of News at the music station (with Richard Attenborough on the board) but Ron soon moved to LBC where he was able to make use of his international experience in newsgathering.

He brought an authority to LBC and IRN, drawing on his work as the first news organiser for the BBC, based in New York’s Rockefeller Centre. With help from his colleagues, he established a system of news rotas as well as making use of an accountant, Brian Wallis to pay the journalists regularly. When he arrived at Gough Square he found that some of the management at LBC in 1973 had not actually worked in broadcasting and were using the methods of newspaper production. These included the use of a back bench for senior journalists (or sub-editor) who re-wrote copy composed by reporters.

Ron was familiar with the world of the sub-editor from his newspaper days (Enfield Gazette, Tottenham Herald, Brighton Evening Argus) but he believed that an effective radio station should be using radio production methods. Copy written by radio journalists could go straight to air in commercial radio if a story was developing quickly and that led to the freshness of style on LBC.


One thought on “Forty years of LBC Radio

  1. David says:

    As someone who worked at LBC on its very first day, I well remember Ron arriving soon after and bringing a much needed professionalism – and especially RADIO professionalism.
    If he contacts me I can e-mail a photo of him (with others from IRN and myself) at the ILR news editors meeting on 7th March 1977.
    David Addis (Still working, though not much radio these days)


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