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February 8, 2013 by dontbringlulubook

Social Media

Social Media

In an age that is dominated by reality television, be it a random selection of celebrities locked up in a house twenty four seven being given inane and often humiliating tasks to do; people trying to get thinner, fatter, more beautiful, less attractive or simply find love, there seems to be little room for anything that does not involve an element of voyeurism.

The twenty first century is one of concentrated consumerism – people can buy, read, eat, drink and admit to being anything they like and in general they are accepted. Rules are fewer than existed fifty years ago and children are often looking for bigger and better from the moment they understand the concept of possessions. Twenty years ago, people were writing diaries in the solitude of their bedrooms, for their eyes only and as keepsakes for when they were older and could look back in fondness on the folly of their youth.

Nowadays, rather than a private diary people tend towards a public blog, a daily tweet or a Facebook update – be it on a specific subject, informative, fantastical, practical, or merely an outpouring of personal thoughts for close friends or complete strangers to read.   With blogs and forums available on all manner of topics ranging from how best to feed your baby to whether it’s preferable to leave your two-timing love rat or stay and hope they’ll change, is reading a book less of a general pastime due to the time it takes in comparison to logging on wherever you may be and absorbing someone else’s advice or problems in a matter of minutes?

A book such as “Don’t Bring Lulu” is an autobiographical account of the difficulties faced by the Onions family when their youngest daughter, Lulu, was diagnosed at a very early age as being without a thyroid gland and the myriad of issues this brought with it as she grew up in both the UK and America.  Unlike a blog, this is a piece of literature, like many other autobiographical or biographical works, that is the product of a number of years hard work to bring the story to print and there’s lots to be said for being the proud owner of a hard copy of a newly published book rather than the transitory daily readings of another person’s life that can be read in a moment but also forgotten in an instance.

So whilst there’s still plenty of eager readers out there with a voracious appetite for reading works that are longer than a limited number of characters then they’ll be a place for both blogs and books in a time that is moving faster than it takes to digest a good old fashioned novel.


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