The Changing Face of Book Launches

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January 26, 2013 by dontbringlulubook

Book Launch

Book Launch

The ways in which books are launched are changing.  Whilst there is still plenty of margin to be had by having official book signings, with the author themselves sitting at a desk, surrounded by copies of their latest book, pen at the ready and a queue of eager fans camping outside to ensure they do not miss out on either a signed copy of the book or the experience of meeting the acclaimed author, the growing popularity of other social mediums such as Twitter , Apps and Facebook, to name but a few, means the options of publicity are far greater than a decade or so ago.

A week ago, the publishing house, Penguin, held its own socially powered book launch at the Mermaid Theatre, with the writer, Seth Godin who arrived in London to launch his latest book “The Icarus Deception” .Famous for his work “The Purple Cow”, the launch was attended by fans and media professionals looking to see how this new book would provide the inspirational words for business people and entrepreneurs that he has become renowned for.  The “Penguin Live” strand is a move by this particular publishing house to take book signings and launches to another level, beyond the standard format, to ensure the readers have a more rewarding experience.

“Penguin Live” meant that Godin’s work was spread online via Twitter, whilst also enabling the attendees to gift two free physical copies of the new book via a Twitter- powered app to people who inspire or influence them.  Of course, they also received two copies of the book themselves.

This event was the first standalone Penguin Live event that has taken place to date but their plan is for future book launches to include established and new writers, covering all manner of themes and formats.

Tom Weldon, the UK CEO of Penguin said: We’ve given a great deal of thought to how we can amplify the Penguin brand and find new ways to engage readers. Penguin Live is our branded live event strand that aims to take a genuinely creative approach in bringing readers and writers together. We want readers to see the Penguin Live branding and know they’re in for something special.”

So just remember, when you are looking for a copy of a recently launched book such as “Don’t Bring Lulu” by Ron, Doris and Sarah Onions, there’s lots of information to be found online, as well as owning that awaited for hard-copy.


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