Don’t Bring Lulu – Press Release

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January 11, 2013 by dontbringlulubook

“The Geiger counter moved back and forth across Lulu’s neck.  There was no reaction.  Nothing…

As a doctor explained later “Her thyroid is just not functioning.  There’s nothing but the husk.

The relatively early diagnosis meant that Lulu should be able to lead a normal life.  She might not become a genius, but then how many people do? So – diagnosis: hypothyroidism; treatment: thyroxine tablets; prognosis: good.  Keep taking the tablets, Lulu!

In time, however, we were to discover that it was nowhere near as simple as that.”

British TV reporter Ron Onions, from Surbiton, Surrey, was based in New York at a momentous period of US history, covering the moon landing and the assassination of Martin Luther King. Yet at the same time as his high-flying career was taking this transatlantic turn, he was facing tough choices at home: his younger daughter, four-year-old Lulu, had been born without a thyroid gland, and her resulting severely disruptive symptoms posed a huge challenge to her caring family.

Follow the Onions family’s eventful lives in this memoir, as the three people closest to Lulu – her father, mother and older sister Sarah – alternately narrate their stories and share their experiences of life with Lulu. As Ron’s career goes from strength to strength at home and abroad, he and his family try to find the most suitable means of caring for Lulu – an intensely frustrating process, bringing only partial success as she is moved from one specialised residential care facility to another.

For any family coping with disability, this heartfelt and compassionate story will comfort and inspire.

The launch for this true and moving account of Lulu’s life is to take place on Wednesday January 16th between 2.15p.m and 3.30p.m at the School Library Tolworth Girls School, Fullers Way North, Surbiton KT6 7LQ

For more information please contact Sarah Onions on 07504 798789 or, Lucy Terry on 07507 630129.

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