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September 30, 2012 by dontbringlulubook

Each summer we faced the problem of how we were going to cope during the school holiday.  One year we put the car on the ferry at Newhaven and the four of us set off for a week on the Belgian coast at Knokke.  It worked out fine.  There were no problems in the hotel dining room and Lulu was a happy participant in fun and games on the beach with Sarah and some Belgian kids.

The following year, our destination was Cornwall camping en route without any trouble and then heading for a farmhouse near the sea just outside Penzance.  It had been a highly recommended in a Sunday newspaper and the Matthews family proved to be terrific hosts.  They insisted, when we suggested it might be better if Lulu took her meals in our room so as not to disturb the other guests, that she should sit with us all in the farmhouse dining room.  It worked.  We did it again the following year, but it was less successful.  Lulu was going through a difficult period, triggered – or so we believed – by her continuing problems with constipation.  There was one unhappy morning when she lay in the incoming tide screaming her head off.  Fortunately, the beach was deserted, but even so, it didn’t seem much better when she went into the same routine on the floor in Sainsbury’s.


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