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September 21, 2012 by dontbringlulubook

The Broadcaster voice
Lots of people try to change the way they sound. They think they should sound authoritative because you are speaking the truth of the days events. Do not try to alter your voice or speech patterns. The biggest problem with inexperienced broadcasters is that they believe they must act and sound a certain way. They lower their voices too much and their speech patterns become either robotic or they sound like they’re having a sing song. I understand they may be trying to sound more authoritative, but they also risk sounding like an idiot when caught talking in their normal voice.

Dealing With Technical Difficulty
Technical problems happen. Especially when it’s live. Its best explain to your viewers when there is technical difficulty in a story. If the wrong audio is played, or a different clip to what you expected, then move through with a diplomatic phrase such as “We are facing difficulties with that… we’ll bring you that clip soon” And then straight onto the next point. If you cover over it, it could snowball into oblivion. A technical difficulty here and there emphasis to the viewer that the piece is live.

Jokes and Banter
The general agenda of the news, usually starts with something serious, and then gets more and more lighthearted, ending with an “And Finally” story. This can be a good opportunity to show you are human by making a joke or comment that get the viewers attention. Off-the-cuff, witty banter is always best, but it isn’t always natural for a beginner. Until it becomes more natural, go in prepared and have something scribbled down somewhere.


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