Thank You – Tributes to a man of many talents

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September 14, 2012 by dontbringlulubook

Ron OnionsRon Onions was a legend in the broadcasting world. According to The Independent, Ron was a ‘mercurial genius’.

His career was not gifted to him. He worked his way up the ranks.

Starting on local papers, moving to local television; national television; international television; independent radio; building up news teams wherever he went and putting his own stamp on output.

With such a long and distinguished career, it is no surprise that when news of Ron’s death was announced members of the broadcasting community were lining up to praise him.

One of the first comments came from a trainee of Onion’s. A household name who was encouraged by Ron to leave the studio and report from the scene: Jon Snow.

As reported by Press Gazette, Snow said simply ‘He was one of the best’.

Jazz had always been a love of Ron’s. One of his personal highlights was being named Programme Controller of Jazz FM.

There, too, we find tributes from colleagues.

Peter Young said of Ron he had ‘a winning combination of kindness and thoughtfulness’ and that ‘Ron stood no nonsense from anyone’.

Helen Mayhew thanked Onions for appointing her and ‘having faith in a novice presenter’.

Ron’s news broadcasting background stood him in good stead for running a radio station. Chris Phillips said of Ron’s involvement in Jazz FM that he provided ‘all the organisational stability and skills needed for the perfect programming launch’.

On reporting his death, The Independent summed up Onion’s guile: ‘the former BBC employee who knocked the BBC off its perch’.

The Telegraph described him as a revolutionary: Onions ‘led what was effectively a revolution against the broadcasting establishment, in particular the BBC’.

Ron Onions was a remarkable person. He made he most of opportunities put before him. He learnt and kept the best of his experiences; teaching others the way forward.

The news style we are so used to seeing nowadays would not have come to fruition had Onions not pushed for change.

Onions the revolutionary; the leader; the teacher, the father and husband – he had many strings to his bow. Although he has passed from these shores, the legacy of Ron Onions will go on.


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