From Essex Radio Trainee to respected academic

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September 14, 2012 by dontbringlulubook

Sarah Onions news reader

Sarah Onions

Sarah Onions has carried on her fathers legacy as a broadcast journalist by working as a trainee reporter for Radio Essex.  A time she doesn’t regret chasing ambulances through the countryside. 

A famous piece advice given from her father, Ron Onions to many a journalist (Including Channel 4’s John Snow): “Go out and get mud on your boots.”

Being a fresh graduate from Bradford University, having taken a peace studies course, Sarah Onions worked alongside Helen Rollason, Yvonne Hall (Who now works for BBC South East) and Dianne Stradling (Anglian News) to gain an extra 52% extra listeners. 

Once her work was done there, she moved to Radio Trent filing reports to IRN.  A company her father helped put together.  Sarah’s pearls of wisdom are now passed on to many journalism and broadcast students hoping to do their bit to change the world.  She tours colleges, schools and young offenders institutes around London displacing her sense of news and how to do that most important of things as a journalist.   Getting your boots dirty. 

If you wish to find out more about the Onions legacy and impact on todays media, a full chronicle can be found in Don’t Bring Lulu, an intimate account of how a family overturned obstacles against the most dramatic of circumstances in the media industry.


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