A run down of famous British Journalists in the UK

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August 28, 2012 by dontbringlulubook

Nick Robinson Political Editor, BBC
Recently seen stamping on a anti-war protester’s placard, Robinson keeps his top spot in this poll. The decision of one organisation to award him Blogger of the Year wasn’t popular in all quarters, but his TV and radio work remains key viewing. Virtually omnipresent during the election, his first as BBC political editor since replacing Andrew Marr, Robinson enjoyed himself thoroughly and his documentary, Five Days That Changed Britain, was a must-see, including interviews with Cameron and Clegg. Can he make the next step to BBC national treasure?

Laura Kuenssberg Chief Political Correspondent, BBC News
Perhaps the most visible journalist in Britain this year, Kuenssberg is famous for her epic stints live on camera during the election. Her leap up the rankings this year shows that it’s all been worthwhile. Kuenssberg’s infectious enthusiasm and ability to get to the nub of a matter without being cynical is popular with viewers, colleagues and politicians. She is rapidly becoming one of the most influential journalists in Westminster.

Andrew Marr Presenter, Andrew Marr Show
Life on Sunday morning is still suiting Marr, where he can be almost guaranteed to lead the news stories for the day. He got the first interview with Ed Miliband as Labour leader and his show became an economic battleground during the period surrounding the spending review, where George Osborne and his political opponents conducted a resolute but calmer battle than in Westminster itself.

Jeremy Paxman Presenter, Newsnight
The journalist with the most recognisable surname in Britain still sets the bar for confrontational interviews. DannyAlexander seems to have been grilled particularly often on the Newsnight set in 2010, although Paxman has arguably not had a vintage year by his standards. He said voters had made a “bollocks” of the election in an early evening special episode.

Evan Davis Presenter, Today Programme
At ease interviewing rapper Jay-Z and designer Karl Lagerfeld on Radio 4 alongside making the most of his economic knowledge, Davis has this year cemented his position as one of the most popular Today presenters. He also tweets during the programme, when he’s not busy demanding that George Osborne reveals his Plan B.


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