Don’t Bring Lulu Extract: Doris

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August 23, 2012 by dontbringlulubook


Louise Elizabeth Onions was born sometime after midday on Sunday, 25th March 1962. It had been a long and difficult labour after a pregnancy that seemed to go on forever.  When I took Lulu into my arms for the very first time, all ten pounds of her, I looked closely to see who she most resembled, noting especially her reddish hair and intensely blue eye.  Then the thought came out of nowhere: ‘This one’s going to need a lot of looking after.’

Throughout the pregnancy I had been apprehensive about what might happen in the months ahead.  This was because there had been serious problems after the birth of my first daughter, Sarah, three and a half years earlier in November 1958, after seven years of marriage.  I was then 30 years old and we had both delayed having kids deliberately so we could both get on with our professional lives.

I had graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with a teaching diploma in Speech and Drama and had taken a job at a teachers’ training college in North London.  Ron was a sports editor at the Tottenham Herald and we lived near the newspaper office in rambling accommodation that stretched alongside the local Friends’ Meeting House.

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