Onions tip to Snow from Channel 4: get mud on your boots

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August 10, 2012 by dontbringlulubook

Ron Onions has been described as a ‘pioneer’.

He worked his way up the ladder, gaining experience and knowledge on every rung. Following his return to the UK from America and his departure from the BBC, Onions’ talents were in demand.

It was from this moment that Ron could flex his wings and impact the future of news broadcasting.

Having received the call from the Editor-in-Chief of the struggling IRN/LBC, Onions made the move from Capital Radio to take up the position of Editor.

Here he met a journalist who had been with LBC from the beginning, a man who Onions describes as making a ‘distinctive contribution’ to the revival of the station. That man was Jon Snow.

Jon had already proven his talents within the studio. In ‘Don’t Bring Lulu’ Ron described him as putting his own ‘distinctive gloss’ on the big news events of the day. It took some coaxing from Ron Onions and the Editor-in-Chief Marshall Stewart to pull the talented broadcaster out and ‘muddy his boots’.

They saw a talent within him which may never have been seen by the public had the determined editors not convinced Jon to leave the studio and grow into the ‘outstanding’ reporter and correspondent that we know him to be today.

He covered a number of assignments, both at home and abroad, with ‘distinction’.

The world of broadcast journalism mirrored life in general – Jon Snow, the trainee, had his own style which Ron, the tutor, helped to bring out. The apprentice learned and after flexing his wings, flew on to new pastures.

Jon went on to become ITN’s correspondent in Washington before becoming the main news presenter on Channel 4.

On hearing the news of Ron’s death in May 2012, the Prezz Gazette report Jon Snow as giving this simple but effective comment of his former mentor: ‘He was one of the very best’.


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